Tuesday, July 25, 2023


I appreciate Adams Oshiomhole's defense of President Bola Tinubu and his perspective on the expectations placed upon him. It is important to remember that no leader, no matter how capable or well-intentioned, can solve all of a country's problems overnight.

Oshiomhole rightly points out that the people who voted for Tinubu as president were aware that he is not a magician. They recognized that immediate solutions to complex issues such as fuel hike, unemployment, and other challenges cannot be achieved in a single day.

It is commendable that President Tinubu has demonstrated the courage to make tough decisions and the humility to acknowledge any unintended consequences that may arise as a result. Constructive criticism is essential for any leader, but it is equally important to recognize the effort and dedication they bring to the table.

I believe Tinubu's withdrawal of subsidies and his commitment to adjusting wages in the formal sector, as well as allocating funds to support vulnerable individuals, is a step in the right direction. These are measures that require careful consideration and planning, and they reflect a willingness to address important issues.

Change takes time, and it requires collective efforts from all stakeholders. As citizens, we must also play our part by supporting our leaders, holding them accountable, and actively participating in nation-building. By doing so, we can collaborate towards achieving the long-term solutions we seek.

Let us acknowledge that progress is a journey, and with commitment, patience, and a united front, we can move closer to our desired outcome.

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