Saturday, September 16, 2023



Governor Otti's visit to the late Sam Mbakwe's residence in Avutu, Obowo Local Government Area of Imo State, was a touching display of respect and humility. During this visit, our Governor paid his sincere respects to the widow of the late Governor, who played a pivotal role in the transformation of Aba over four decades ago. This visit underscores the qualities of a great leader—humility and a genuine desire to seek the blessings of those who have left a lasting legacy. Mrs. Mbakwe expressed her ultimate joy and happiness to welcome the Governor, noting that it was the first time a sitting Governor had paid a visit to their country home since the demise of her late husband.

Let's delve into the extraordinary era of Late Dr. Sam Mbakwe as the Governor of Imo State. This period was marked by remarkable progress and positive change for the State, with significant milestones that continue to shape Imo State's identity. Under his visionary leadership, Imo State experienced a multitude of key developments:

Infrastructure Renaissance: Dee Sam Mbakwe embarked on an ambitious infrastructure development program. Roads, bridges, and public buildings were constructed or renovated, significantly enhancing the state's connectivity and overall appearance. This laid the foundation for a modern Imo State.

Educational Advancements: His administration made substantial investments in education. New schools were established, and existing ones were expanded. The quality of education improved, ensuring that Imo State's residents had access to better learning opportunities.

Agricultural Transformation: The late Governor implemented policies and programs aimed at revitalizing agriculture. This initiative not only boosted food production but also contributed to the economic well-being of the state's residents. Imo State became a hub for agricultural development.

Industrial Growth: Dee Sam Mbakwe's tenure witnessed the promotion of industrial growth. Investments flowed into the state, leading to the creation of jobs and economic prosperity. Imo State's industrial landscape flourished during this period.

Social Welfare Commitment: His administration was characterized by a strong commitment to social welfare. Efforts were made to provide essential services such as healthcare to the people, especially those in rural areas. This ensured that the well-being of Imo State's citizens was a top priority.

Legacy of Empowerment: Perhaps one of the most enduring legacies of his leadership was his dedication to empowering the less privileged. His policies and programs were designed to uplift the marginalized and vulnerable sections of society, leaving a lasting impact on the lives of many.

As we move forward, we have unwavering faith that Governor Otti's visit to the late Dee Sam Mbakwe's residence will serve as a significant morale boost for him and his administration to tap into his leadership style of the late sage. Governor Otti is committed to the mantra, "Mbakwe made things happen," and, in the same vein, he is diligently laying the foundation for substantial positive transformations in Abia State. His mission is not a competition with Dee Sam but a heartfelt endeavor to wipe away the tears of Abians, just as the late Governor did for Imo State about four decades ago.

With heartfelt gratitude to God, we eagerly anticipate a brighter future for Abia State, drawing inspiration from the visionary leadership of Governor Sam Mbakwe during his remarkable tenure as Imo State Governor from 1979 to 1983.

While briefing the newsmen during the visit, Mrs. Mbakwe called on other southeast Governors to emulate Governor Otti's pattern of governance. She described the Governor as an answered prayer to Abians and advised him to follow in the footsteps of Late Sam Mbakwe in order to outperform him.

She emphasized the importance of love as a watchword in governance, saying, "If you are the Governor and in the position of leadership, you should love the people first, because it's love that will make the people benefit from you as a leader."

The Governor was also accompanied by some dignitaries on the visit, including a traditional ruler, the First Deputy Chairman of Abia state Traditional Rulers Council, the Commissioner for Information, the Commissioner for Justice/Attorney General, the Chief Press Secretary, and other members of the press.

Iroabuchi James Chikezie writes from Umuahia.


  1. My Governor you did well. May God continue to bless you and strengthen you.