Friday, December 1, 2023



1. We have a leader who is not afraid of engaging, answering questions and offering sincere explanations on regular and complex issues of governance. 

2. The governor understands the state, and the people he leads. He knows places, people and history of events that are relevant to effective leadership and governance. 

3. Journalism in Abia is growing and the young professionals are as engaging as the elderly ones. Kudos to the members of the fourth estate of the realm. 

4. In the New Abia, the government is strictly accountable to the people and that philosophy explains this periodic engagements between the governor and the everyday people.

5. A little laughter would always do wonders to the soul. Gov. Alex C. Otti continues to demonstrate why he has remained the favourite of voters for about a decade, winning elections at every turn. His Excellency appreciates that you cannot take things too seriously at times, any man who wishes to live happily must consistently make room for laughter, cracks jokes and have a good laugh at events once in a while. 

6. Abia is in safe hands. Yes, Abia has been rescued. The days of mediocrity and drunken sailiors are gone for good. Government must be a serious undertaking and the governor made that clear today in the way he responded to questions and offered clarity on the direction of his government on education, road infrastructure restoration, health, return of children parks and gardens amongst others.

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  1. Abians must be grateful to God for answered prayers. Over the past two decades, Abians prayed and worked hard to enthrone good governance and each occasion, the will if the people was grabed, snatched and ran away with. The story is different today. Abians toyed with PDP for too long. Now is a new dawn. There are much work ahead. We need to articulate and set a standard for anyone who aspires to lead God's Own State henceforth. May the Good Lord strengthen His Excellency in his good works. Amen.