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Eze Chikamnayo claimed that he did not take N35 million, but the police disapproved, claiming that the cast had political overtones. According to the police’s findings, the festival, which took place between November 15 and November 21, 2000, consumed a staggering N48 million due to inflated payments made by Chikamnayo. The Abia State government contributed a total of N4 million, but the suspect took advantage of the opportunity to augment with an overdraft and used it to the state government’s financial detriment. Records revealed that while the Abia State government contributed N4 million, Hallmark Bank donated N5,200,OOO.Nine local government areas and nine other banks contributed N900,000.00, N465,000.00 was donated by people, N60,540.00 was raised via the sale of T-shirts and Akwete outfits, and N37,380,383.72 was the amount of heavy debt owed to Hallmark Bank.

“The suspect was alleged to have single-handedly issued several jobs to some actual or purported persons or organizations before the committees for the festival were set up,” the police continued in their findings. “And on November 6, 2000, in his personal capacity as commissioner for information, Chikamnayo cashed the sum of N12,815,000.00 with 24 Hallmark bank cheques, and another N9.590,000.00 with twelve cheques from November 10 to November 22, 2000, amounting to N22.405,000.00, all from the same Ugwuabia account at Hallmark bank and in his capacity as the commissioner.” They added, “The suspect received and cashed two checks for N400.000.00 and N75.000.00 in the name of one Chike Tasie on November 22, 2000, for his own benefit rather than paying them to Aso Radio, Abuja, and Cool FM Lagos, respectively. 

The suspect had directed the finance committee to issue the checks.” The police also verified that, despite the fact that Charles U. Amah is still due N535,000.00, Chikamnayo misappropriated the N650,000.00 that had been handed to him. The police went on to say that one Mr. Bright Chtmezie received N6.270,000.00 in five installments for the promotion of stage light, large studio projects, booking of musicians, transportation/hotel accommodations, and jingles, among other things, from the Ugwuabia account and the account maintained by the project accountant. About N600,000.00 was given to Chris Mba in advance for his technical work; N500.000.00 went to Mrs. Romie Dikko for her professional expenses; and N1,000,000.00 went to the late Mr. Nnenna Ogwo for the creation of women’s wraps for the festival.

The police concluded, “In conclusion, it has been established that the suspect stole the sum of N12,815,000.00 on 6/11/2000, and the sum of N9,590,000.00 between 10th  and 22nd November 2000 with cheques which he received from the Ugwuabia finance committee and cashed by himself as honourable commissioner for information. 

He should also be held responsible for stealing the sum of N475,000.00 and N650,000.00. it is hereby recommended that the suspect be charged to court while the case file will be duplicated and forwarded to the DPP for legal advice, 

After conducting an investigation, the police concluded that the N5.9 million worth of checks designated for Ordion Bits were cashed by the culprit, Chief Chikamnayo. Police report: “That the said Eze Chikamnayo, instead of paying for the contract which the money was approved for, paid the remaining balance of money amounting to N4,800,000.00 into his own personal account with account No. 10135100 at Hallmark Bank.” 

“Investigation into this case had been concluded,” the police said in their conclusion. We have collected all required papers related to the case. It has been shown that the previous commissioner of Abia State’s Ministry of Information, Culture, and Tourism, Chief Eze Chikamnayo, cheated the state government out of N4,800,000. Therefore, it is advised that he be prosecuted with theft in violation of Criminal Code § 390(4). I need your permission to proceed, please.”

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