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For intellectual convenience and for the sake of some readers who may not have a foundation in logic, ad hominem is an error in reasoning where and when an attack is directed against a person rather than the position they are maintaining. The accusations of the PDP in Abia State against the administration of Governor Alex Chioma Otti, OFR, when viewed from this prism, are merely attacks against Governor Alex Otti just because the party has lost out on the state and of course, it is understandable to every reasonable person because it is not easy to nurse a wound. However,  growing above the narrow confines of our individualistic consideration to the wider consideration of the human family (Abians, in this case), there is need for a sign of love for humanity and it is high time PDP embraced reality and shops for the common good rather than personal gains. 

Embezzlement, as a form of financial mismanagement and deceit, stands as a formidable adversary to productivity within any organizational framework. The act of diverting funds for personal gain not only erodes the financial foundation of a system but also sows seeds of distrust and inefficiency.

At its core, embezzlement redirects resources away from their intended purposes. Funds meant for crucial projects, employee salaries, or operational improvements are clandestinely diverted into the pockets of those engaged in fraudulent activities. This diversion disrupts the delicate balance of financial planning, hindering the smooth functioning of an organization and impeding its ability to invest in growth and development.

Moreover, the corrosive nature of embezzlement extends beyond the immediate financial losses. The discovery of such malfeasance often triggers a ripple effect of distrust and suspicion among stakeholders. Employees, investors, and clients may question the integrity of the organization, leading to a breakdown in relationships that are fundamental to a productive work environment.

The above cannot be said about the government of Governor Alex Chioma Otti, OFR. There is overwhelming evidence of his leadership prowess to show that he is about the people and committed to the common good. 

A phenomenological attitude of detachment and letting things appear the way they are will reveal that within the past 6 months, the administration of Governor Alex Chioma Otti, OFR, has redefined leadership in Abia State owing to his numerous achievements.

Some of his landmark achievements include but are not limited to the following: 

1. Payment of pensions 

2. Payment of salaries as at when due. 

3. Renovation of the specialist hospital. 

4. Flag-off of Aba/Portharcourt Road. 

5. Six-lane dualization of Okpara Square/Tower Road and Tower/Onuimo Road. 

6. Re-alphating of Emelogu Road

7. Re-alphating of St. Michael's Road 

8. Re-Construction of Cemetery Road 

9. Re-alphating of Jubilee Road. 

10. Renovation of Enyimba International Football Stadium, Aba. 

11. Re-alphating of MCC by old Express Road 

12. Re-construction of Umuimo and Udeagbala Road, etc. 

With the above-listed and other landmark achievements of Governor Alex Chioma Otti's administration within a short time in office, it is obvious that the accusations of mismanagement of funds against his administration by the PDP are an attempt at the deliberate diversion of attention from core business activities of the government to diminish productivity, as turning eyelids to the accusations would amount to redirecting organizational energy towards damage control rather than innovation and improvement.

Governor Alex Chioma Otti is a technocrat who has built people and businesses over the years and understands that addressing embezzlement requires not only legal interventions but also a re-evaluation of internal controls and ethical standards. Implementing robust financial safeguards, fostering a culture of transparency, and holding individuals accountable for their actions are essential steps toward mitigating the negative impact of embezzlement on productivity and that's exactly what he is doing which has resulted in the judicious use of public funds for the common good of the state. 

The administration of Governor Alex Chioma Otti is well aware that embezzlement creates a counterproductive cycle, where financial losses, damaged trust, and diverted focus impede an organization's ability to thrive. He has, therefore, focused on rebuilding trust and fortifying the organizational structures that underpin productivity.

The accusations of corruption against the administration of Governor Alex Chioma Otti are deliberate attempts to hoodwink the unsuspecting masses into believing falsehood. The people of Abia state should pay no attention to a gang of criminals who had 24 years to deliver quality leadership to the people but misused the opportunity afforded them by looting the state dry. The good people of Abia should rather keep their eyes on the ball which is the rebuilding of Abia State for the good of all, and to the eternal glory of God who has answered His people's prayer through the emergence of "Chioma Ndi Abia.” The hope we have yearned for many years is here. We should join hands to work for the good of the people and rejoice together in the joy of the benefits of our labour.

Written by 

Anokwuru C,U. Ph.D

Political Analyst.

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