Sunday, August 13, 2023

"Remain Positive and Hopeful for the Arrival of a New Nigeria," Peter Obi Encourages Nigerian Youth

"Remain Positive and Hopeful for the Arrival of a New Nigeria," Peter Obi Encourages Nigerian Youth

Peter Obi, the Labour Party's Presentation Candidate, has urged Nigerian youth to maintain a positive outlook and hopeful mindset for the dawn of a New Nigeria. He emphasized that this new era will focus on youth development and productivity.

Speaking on World Youth Day, Obi acknowledged the prevailing political turmoil and economic challenges in the nation but urged the youth not to be disheartened. Instead, he encouraged them to remain dedicated and unwavering in their pursuit of a new and improved Nigeria.

"We can only achieve the New Nigeria of our aspirations if we stay committed to the struggle for a better nation. We must exhibit resilience and perseverance in the face of every hardship and obstacle on our path towards a new future," remarked Obi.

The former Governor of Anambra State emphasized that addressing youth development and productivity would overcome many of the nation's challenges. He attributed the high levels of insecurity and the prevalence of social vices among the youth, such as drug abuse, as well as the country's high inflation rate to the alarming unemployment rate among the youthful population in their prime working years.

"Reports have shown that Nigeria currently holds the highest rate of unemployment globally, standing at 33.3 percent. Further projections suggest that Nigeria's unemployment rate will rise to 40.6 percent due to the continuously growing number of job seekers in the market," Obi lamented.

He further explained that the nation will continue to grapple with economic and social challenges as long as a significant portion of its productive-age population remains without employment. Obi highlighted the importance of offering job opportunities and providing extensive support for the growth of small businesses as viable solutions to combat challenges such as high insecurity and increasing inflation.

Reiterating his unwavering commitment to constructing a New Nigeria centered around youth development, Obi emphasized that their energy, skills, and potential are crucial elements needed to shift the nation's focus from consumption to production.

Ending his message, he urged Nigerian youth to stand firm and devoted to the vision of a New Nigeria, reinforcing his belief that it is a realistic and attainable objective.

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