Friday, August 4, 2023


Georges Weah, the President of Liberia, raises a valid point in highlighting the importance of addressing institutional coups within the ECOWAS region. His statement emphasizes the need for ECOWAS to take action against practices like fraudulent declaration of election results, manipulation of judicial announcements, and the tolerance of lifetime presidencies. By failing to address these issues, the region may inadvertently create an environment that plants the seeds of military coups as an alternative.

Institutional coups, where leaders manipulate constitutional processes to extend their hold on power, can undermine democracy and the will of the people. By allowing leaders to fraudulently maintain control, ECOWAS risks undermining the trust of its citizens in democratic systems. It is crucial for ECOWAS to work towards promoting free, fair, and transparent elections, as well as upholding the principles of justice and the rule of law.

President Weah's call for ECOWAS to prioritize the interests of its people is significant. The regional body should refocus its efforts on strengthening democratic institutions, ensuring the separation of powers, and addressing corrupt practices that undermine the credibility of governance. By actively working towards these goals, ECOWAS can contribute to an environment that discourages military coups and fosters stability and socio-economic progress within its member states.

ECOWAS has the potential to play a crucial role in promoting good governance and democracy throughout the region. By taking a strong stance against institutional coups and implementing measures to protect the democratic process, the organization can effectively address the root causes that lead to military coups. It is imperative that ECOWAS acts collectively and decisively to ensure the rights and aspirations of the people are safeguarded, thereby fostering long-term stability and development throughout the region.

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