Monday, August 7, 2023




By Chuks Akamadu

Facts are sacred. Dr. Alex Otti met Abia on May 29 in the ICU. Before then, he had carried out a diagnosis of the ailment and found that there certainly would be need for a surgery.

Upon assumption of office, he hurriedly wheeled our God's Own State into the theatre to do the needful.

Recall that what made Abia go under the weather was the avaricious activities of leeches and parasites for almost two decades and a half.

Now that the feast is over, I do not think that it's altogether out of place for the parasites and leeches who are understandably gasping for breath to either sulk or run amok! And truth is that the Abia social media space has come under the siege of both.

Now, in fairness to Abia's men of yesterday, they actually need some sort of psychological support and emotional rehabilitation, to enable them come to terms with the realities of the current surgical efforts of Dr. Otti who's battling to save Abia's life. I sincerely do not hold their lamentations against them.

Quite frankly, Dr. Otti is a disruptive leader, in the mould of Mao TSE Tung of China, Lee Kwa Yew of Singapore and Paul Kegame of Rwanda. Men of uncommon vision they all are!

Such leaders are rare. They are audacious and have no qualms rupturing the system in order to usher in a fresh era of sanity, shared prosperity and sustainable development. And this atimes comes with casualties and collateral damage.

However, ours is a democracy. For those well-meaning Abians who criticize Dr. Otti strictly for the love of the state, Abia needs you and even Dr. Otti needs you much more. He cannot afford to fail and it's your constructive criticisms, not the sonorous tunes of praise-singers that'll help stay faithful to the oath of office he took.

Chuks Akamadu writes from Umuahia.

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