Monday, August 7, 2023


Abia State Governor, Dr. Alex Otti, has approved discussions with Hungarian company Ortoprofil to establish a manufacturing plant in the state. This decision came after a meeting between senior officials of the Abia State Government and top officials of the Hungarian Government. Ortoprofil specializes in manufacturing custom-made limb prostheses, wheelchairs, and orthopedic/therapeutic shoes.

The Hungarian delegation expressed interest in collaborating with the Abia State Government in various sectors such as energy, health, education, agriculture, sports, and the provision of portable drinking water. After presentations by the Hungarian officials, the Abia State Government representatives deliberated on the different options and ultimately decided to partner with Ortoprofil for the manufacturing plant.

Governor Otti expressed enthusiasm for this collaboration, highlighting the importance of healthcare development and job creation for the state. The government has approved the establishment of the manufacturing plant and is ready to provide half a hectare of land for the project. Governor Otti emphasized the potential for the plant to produce prosthetics, shoes, and other related products, which would contribute to the state's GDP and internally generated revenue.

Additionally, the government is considering opportunities for collaboration in the field of education, including scholarships for young innovators and inventors in the state. Governor Otti expressed the intention to encourage these individuals to pursue formal education, recognizing the value of their creativity and inventiveness.

Other discussions with the Hungarian delegation focused on profit and loss, and the government intends to scrutinize those aspects more closely. The government remains open to exploring further collaborations and partnerships with Hungary in various sectors to drive economic growth and development in Abia State.

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