Wednesday, July 19, 2023


The current situation in Nigeria has raised concerns and frustrations among many, as the economy and living conditions continue to worsen. The rise in fuel prices and exchange rates, coupled with the overall hardship faced by the masses, has prompted calls for urgent action and interventions.

It is disheartening to witness the suffering and difficulties faced by ordinary citizens while politicians seemingly remain detached from the realities on the ground. The plea for a state of emergency to address the economic crisis reflects the desperation and outcry of the people.

Leaders ought to lead with compassion, empathy, and a genuine concern for the well-being of the populace. It is unfortunate that some politicians seem more focused on personal interests rather than fulfilling their responsibilities to the people they serve. This lack of accountability only compounds the frustration and amplifies the call for change.

In other parts of the world, leaders often resign when faced with insurmountable challenges or when they realize they are unable to achieve their goals. However, it appears that in Nigeria, some politicians hold on to power despite growing dissatisfaction, leading to a sense of hopelessness among the citizens.

To address these concerns and bring about positive change, Nigeria needs leaders who prioritize the collective well-being of the nation. The resilience and resourcefulness of its people should be harnessed and supported to overcome the current hardships. Transparency, good governance, and accountability are crucial in rebuilding trust and creating a better future for all Nigerians.

As a nation with tremendous potential, Nigeria can rise above these difficult times. It requires leaders who are willing to listen, learn, and implement policies that benefit the majority. With unity, determination, and a shared vision for progress, Nigeria can navigate the challenges it faces and pave the way for a brighter future.

It is our hope that Nigeria finds a way forward, a path that allows for inclusivity, fairness, and the realization of the aspirations of its people. Together, we can work towards a Nigeria that thrives and uplifts all its citizens.

­čĺ┐Iroabuchi James Chikezie

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