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In sane climes all over the world, leadership is conceived as a call for service delivery and approached with that mindset and not a lucrative business venture where personal gain and the expansion of one's business are the primary focus. 

Accordingly, Aristotle in his political philosophy identifies politics as the science that studies the supreme good for man which for him is nothing but happiness. Understandably, happiness can only be achieved for the people when the one they have called to serve them renders quality service to them by the provision of adequate opportunities. 

Like Aristotle, Marcus Tullius Cicero argued that a true commonwealth is a government that produces harmony,  but harmony is obtained only when the state is a true people's affairs,  that is when it binds the people together according to law. 

The irreducible deduction from Cicero's understanding of the state and governance therein is that leadership is all about the people's affairs which includes but is not limited to the protection of lives and properties and good service delivery that would ensure the well-being of people. This should be the ultimate concern of a true leader for it is only when that is done that there will exist harmony in the state. 

The above is the understanding Governor Alex Otti has on his assumption of office which has spurred him into doing genuine political deeds evident in the quality of leadership delivery which is the core of his administration within a short period in office. 

Furthermore, Alex Otti shares with Jim Unah the belief that the ultimate legitimization of the exercise of political power is neither merely the possession nor the mastery of the instrument of repression and coercion but the provision of adequate opportunities for human achievements of all sorts. The provision of adequate opportunities that arise from the doing of genuine political deeds is the vocation of "authentic revolutionaries" under the able steermanship of a political genius or a creative statesman. This understanding informed Otti's pragmatic leadership style in addressing the needs of the masses. 

Sadly,  as I noted in my earlier publication titled "High Rate of Disinformation and Fake News Among the Opposition Groups in Abia State: A Deliberate Attempt to Distract Dr. Alex Chioma Otti," Alex Otti's situation is akin to that of a child accused of fetching firewood from an evil forest due to jealousy and envy. However,  as an integral part of his administration, I can confidently say that Dr. Alex Otti is simply fulfilling his duties as the executive Governor of Abia State, serving the people as expected.

Dr. Otti's demeanor reflects simplicity and humility, characterized by a commitment to diligent service rather than seeking praise or recognition. However, my concerns and worries arise from the subtle attempts by paid bloggers to portray him as antagonistic toward the federal government and other Governors.  The general public and of course,  all the people of goodwill should understand that having failed at the poll and the court, this unfortunate situation and false narratives are opposition strategies to tarnish the image of the Governor and get him off track. 

One of the things that stands Otti out among the rest is that despite these challenges, Dr. Otti remains focused on his mission to rescue the state from years of neglect and mismanagement. The positive impact of his leadership is evident in the potential for economic growth and development, attracting investors and businesses to the region. This is expected of a political guru like Alex Otti who like an intelligent and skillful footballer understands the hour he has been called to play and why he must score by every possible means. 

Nonetheless, there is also the risk of increased insecurity and media attacks orchestrated by detractors seeking to undermine his administration.

To his colleagues who may succumb to envy, I urge them to prioritize governance and emulate Dr. Otti's dedication to serving the people. By surrounding themselves with capable advisors and diligently utilizing resources for the benefit of their constituents, they can emulate Dr. Otti's approach and deliver tangible results. Dr. Otti's journey to leadership was marked by struggles and criticisms of previous administrations, making it imperative for him to uphold his promises and fulfill the expectations of Abians. Anything less would be a disservice to the people who entrusted him with their hopes for a better future.

As a way of concluding this article,  let me re-emphasize that leadership is a call to service delivery and it is that call that Dr. Alex Otti has answered to deliver Abia State from years of political naivety and leadership failures orchestrated by political actors who placed their gains over and above the plights of the citizens. 

Alex Otti is a great gift that every Abians and residents should relish and celebrate while he lasts.

Written by, Anokwuru Christian Uche, Ph.D.

Political Analyst. Umuahia Abia State.

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