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It is common knowledge that states across the federation are approving budgets for 2024. Before approving these budgets, many things are taken into significant consideration – chiefly the plans of the government for the citizens within the year in view. 

While states like Lagos presented N2.246 trillion and Rivers State N800 billion as budget, Abia State presented a 2024 budget of N567.2 billion naira. This is not because the administration of Dr. Alex Chioma Otti, OFR, does not have massive plans for the people of the state but because, as a technocrat who has built businesses and people over the years, he is trying so hard to judiciously manage the little resources of the state to achieve maximum result. 

The budget allocation of N567.2 billion in Abia State, with 84% directed towards capital expenditures and 16% for recurrent expenditures, holds significance when viewed from a common man's perspective.

The substantial focus on capital expenditures, comprising infrastructural development and public projects, suggests a commitment to fostering economic growth and long-term investments in the state. This allocation, if implemented effectively, has the potential to enhance living standards and create many job opportunities.

However, it is essential to ensure the sustainability of recurrent expenditures, covering day-to-day operational costs. Striking a balance that guarantees essential services, including salaries and maintenance, while maintaining financial stability is crucial.

Transparency and accountability in budgetary allocation are paramount for the common man. Understanding how funds are distributed and having mechanisms for public scrutiny ensures efficient resource utilisation for the benefit of the community. This, the Dr. Alex Otti administration has always made a top priority. His permutations were correct.

The common man would hope for part of the capital expenditures to be allocated to social services such as education, healthcare, and social welfare programmes. Certainly, a budget that addresses such basic needs will align with the well-being of the community.

Engaging the public in the budgeting process and keeping them informed about fund utilisation fosters a sense of ownership and trust. Accessible information channels and platforms for citizen engagement and feedback contribute to a more inclusive decision-making process.

Ultimately, the impact on daily life becomes the central evaluation criterion for the common man. The quality of infrastructure, including roads, electricity, healthcare, housing, and education, directly influences the well-being of individuals and communities, shaping their overall quality of life.

Before the release of the 2024 Abia state budget, the administration of Dr. Alex Chioma Otti keenly studied the conditions and the yearnings of the citizens through different ministries, departments, and agencies to see how the budget can positively and maximally impact the citizens. 

As 2024 is a few days before us, it is therefore imperative that the good people of Abia State join hands with the administration of His Excellency Dr. Alex Chioma Otti, OFR to drive his mandate of changing the narratives of yesteryears in the state by effectively addressing the needs of the people, both in terms of infrastructure and human capital development.

The administration's resolve to invest heavily in the development of the state clearly reflects in the rationale behind the 2024 budgetary allocations. There is no doubt that the interest of the common man now prevails in the new Abia.

Written by Anokwuru, C.U. Ph.D

Political Analyst

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