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Abia State Governor, Dr. Alex Otti, OFR, says the 2024 Budget will unlock the great potential that abound in the state and enamour her to rise to greater heights. 

Governor Otti spoke at the weekend during a reception held in his honour by the people of Aba South, at the School of Health Science and Technology, Aba. 

He said the budget, which has already been passed into law by the Abia State House of Assembly will take the state "out of the deep hole that it found itself and release it so that it can fly.” 

Governor Otti subsequently commended the leadership of the House, chaired by Rt Hon Emmanuel Emeruwa, the Speaker, and every member of the House for considering the budget expeditiously. 

He described the Speaker, who also represents the Aba South State Constituency in the House, as a gift to the state and expressed confidence in his leadership of the legislative arm of the state government. 

A bouquet of flowers to welcome the Governor at the reception.

"I will like to thank Aba South for the gift of Rt. Hon. Emmanuel Emeruwa. He is a rare gift to this State and this nation. I may not have known him for donkey years, but anybody you see and you are observant, even before the person does anything, you will know the type of person that person is.

“The House of Assembly has a responsibility to elect their leadership, ours is to support, and I had no problem supporting Hon. Emmanuel Emeruwa, and just like he has said, he has done very well and he will continue to do well," Governor Otti declared.

Governor Otti leads the over 3km walk from No. 1, Ngwa Road all the way to Emelogu Road water fountain roundabout, while commissioning the street lights.

Governor Otti with Deputy Speaker, Hon Austin Okezie Meregini, the Speaker, and his wife at the reception by Aba South.

He thanked all of Aba residents for their unwavering support right from the beginning of his quest to lead Abia State in 2015, and restated his commitment to rebuild the Enyimba City, which he described as the "production, industrial and commercial hub of Abia State; maybe of the Southeast; maybe of Southern Nigeria.” 

The Governor, however, frowned at the attitude of the residents to waste disposal, warning that it would no longer be business as usual from January 2024.

“We may have done things wrong in the past, but we cannot continue to live in the past and that is why we are redefining the future.

“Whatever it takes, we are going to ensure that this city is sparkling clean. So, I want to put all of us on notice that it may be difficult if you want to liter because we are not going to tolerate it. So, the change that you want to see has to begin with you," he warned.

Governor Otti announced that more of the newly reconstructed roads in Aba by his administration would be commissioned in January 2024. He further disclosed that work would commence by January on some of the very difficult but important roads in Aba, like the Obohia and Ohanku roads. “We are going to use solid pavement (cement) technology," he announced as the crowd at the venue of the reception burst into applause and solidarity songs.

He reassured the citizens of his determination to use the resources of the state to work for her and vowed never to share the state's money to individuals.

“If you have keyed into the vision of the Government of the State; if what is important to you is the development of the State; if what is important to you is the welfare of the people; if what concerns you is that people finished working and they get their salary promptly before the month ends; if you are concerned about the payment of salary arrears; if you are concerned about treating our traditional rulers respectfully and giving them what is due to them; if what you are interested in is revamping our hospitals and ensuring that our schools are citadels of learning; if what you are interested in is that the roads are built and the money of the State is used judiciously, then you will not have a problem with us.

“But I can assure you that you will have a problem with us if you want us to start sharing money because I don’t have money to share. People’s money must be used to work for the people," he restated.

Governor Otti, after the event, headed to Ngwa Road in Aba, where he commissioned the automated solar-powered street lights, recently installed on the over 3km road, turning on the lights one after the other as he walked. 

He led the Speaker, Mayors of Aba North and South, Ide John Udeagbala and Chief Uchechukwu Wogu, respectively; some House of Assembly members, the Chief of Staff Dr. Caleb Ajagba and many senior officials of the state government on the energy-sapping brisk walk, which lasted over 30 minutes, to commission the lights.

Residents thundered with excitement as each of the lights came on to illuminate the road.


Chief Press Secretary to the Governor 

Abia State 

December 25, 2023.

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