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By Iroabuchi James Chikezie 

The people of Abia State endured significant hardships under the previous PDP-led leadership. Years of mismanagement left the state with deteriorating infrastructure, inadequate public services, and widespread frustration. Roads were impassable, healthcare facilities were under-resourced, and educational institutions were in disrepair. The promise of development seemed a distant dream as the people grappled with daily challenges.

These are the old and present infrastructure in the State.

However, the dawn of new leadership under His Excellency Dr. Alex Otti, OFR, has brought about a remarkable transformation. Since assuming office, Dr. Otti has embarked on an ambitious agenda to revitalize Abia State. Supported by the Labour Party, his administration has prioritized infrastructural development, aiming to restore and improve critical sectors neglected by previous administrations.

Under Dr. Otti’s leadership, significant strides have been made in road construction and maintenance. Major roads that were once riddled with potholes and nearly impassable have been reconstructed, facilitating smoother transportation and boosting economic activities. The healthcare sector has also seen considerable improvements, with the renovation of hospitals and clinics, ensuring better medical services for the people of Abia.

Education has not been left behind. Dr. Otti’s administration has invested in the rehabilitation of schools, providing modern facilities and resources to create a conducive learning environment. These efforts are aimed at empowering the youth with quality education, which is essential for the long-term development of the state.

Despite facing relentless propaganda from the former PDP leadership, Governor Otti has remained focused on his vision for Abia. He has demonstrated resilience and a steadfast commitment to delivering good governance, ignoring distractions and prioritizing the welfare of Abians. His inclusive approach and transparent governance have earned him widespread support and trust among the citizens.

The transformation in Abia State today is massive and evident in all areas of infrastructural development. From improved roads and healthcare facilities to enhanced educational institutions, the positive impact of Dr. Otti’s leadership is undeniable. The people of Abia now experience a renewed sense of hope and progress, confident that their state is on the path to sustainable development and prosperity.

*Iroabuchi is the State Publicity Secretary of Awareness Forum for Abia Development and Economic Advancement (AFA), he writes from Umuahia.

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