Saturday, June 22, 2024

On Abia ASUU Allegations Regarding Salary Payments and Reaffirms Commitment to Workers' Welfare

Payment of Salaries: The Abia State Government will refuse to be drawn into war of words and media propaganda

1. I have just been forwarded a certain press release from individuals from Abia State University challenging the position of the Abia State Government on the payment of workers salaries. 

2. While the Government appreciates the difficulties many of the workers have faced in the last few weeks owing to technical difficulties in paying the April and May 2024 salaries following the migration of the institution to the TSA framework, the fact remains, as the Governor Alex C. Otti rightly stated in his media engagement on Friday, June 21, 2024, the outstanding salaries have been paid and many workers have gotten their alerts from the individual banks for the 2 months. 

3. To be clear, the Governor continues to insist that regular payment of salaries and pensions for the duration of his tenure is non-negotiable as a worker is worthy of his wage. Funds for payment of salaries and pensions are released before the consideration of all other financial obligations. At no point has the Governor shirked in his monthly obligation to all legitimate employees of the State Government, including staff of all tertiary the State, particularly ABSU.

4. At any rate, it must be stated clearly that the Abia State Government is only responsible for channeling the funds into the relevant individual and institutional accounts. It would be grossly unfair to hold the Government to account for the interactions between individuals banks and their customers. 

5. When there are issues, the right approach to take is to use appropriate channels to make that communication. Attempting to blackmail the government through endless appearances on media platforms, and critical attacks on social media fora do not strike many objective observers as the disposition of those seeking to sort things out in quick time. Political agenda have been touted and many agree with this assessment.

6. It bears repeating here that the present administration in the State is only interested in serving the people and would continue to do so, not minding the multiple attempts at distracting it. More importantly, the Government will continue to be genuinely committed to the welfare of all Abians and this much was restated by the Governor in his engagement with Abians on Friday. 

7. Abians are all encouraged to continue to support our dear Governor who is working hard to repair long term damages done by years of administrative neglect. The impressive turnaround we have seen in the restoration of road infrastructure, urban sanitation and improvement in the business environment, and so much more are proofs that Abia is on the right track. 

8. As in all human endeavours, there will challenges along the way and new developments will spring up here and there but the Government will respond to these new challenges with a genuine commitment to getting things done, and meeting the foundational objectives that won the Government the long term support of the people.

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